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Simon was courteous and professional when replying to my request, prompt in his timings and the "dent" repair was invisible to my eye, from ALL angles (I have been in a car delivery business for many years). Simon is also, obviously, very skilled at what he does! His pricing fairly reflected his aforementioned assets.
- Peter Davidson

After being attacked by a wheelie bin in my own driveway, my car had an awkward dent on the tailgate that I thought would never go, however after a visit by Simon the boot now looks as good as new. Highly recommended! - Mike Corlett

I had two really annoying dents on my nissan qashqai, one on the drivers door, the other on the rear tailgate, i thought it would be a garage job until a friend recommended simon to me. he came round to my house, did the work on my driveway, and two hours later "perfect",not a mark, what a fantastic piece of workmanship, and a real nice guy. - Gary Baker

Somebody missed the green at my golf club and put a dent in my 3 series roof, Simon carried out the repair at my work, repair was done without any issues (dont know how) no mark what so ever, job well done + nice guy. - Steven Hartley

I was moving my daughter's belongings to her new flat in my 04 RS Clio when I opened the car door onto the wall, leaving a tiny but very noticeable dent, so I had a quick look on the internet for a dent removal company. One of the results was Simon's Express Dent Removal, so I gave him a call to explain the dent etc.

Simon was very nice and friendly on the phone and told me to text the details, address, car make etc. which I did and I received a text back very quickly with a time to see it etc. Simon turned up on time as agreed in the text, had a look at the dent and gave me a excellent price. So I gave the go ahead with the work, agreed a day and time, again turned up on time, very friendly fella. The work took about 30 min's and the results were amazing, like the dent was never there, very very impressed.

About two weeks later i sold the RS Clio and bought a BMW 320 CI which had a tiny dent in the rear quarter so i phoned Simon again to get it repaired, again very friendly and very quick reply after texting my address and car details. Agreed to a day and a time. Simon turned up on time, and again was very firendly, we agreed on a price and the repair was started, he even showed me the amount of stuff that had to be removed before he could get anywhere near the dent. A short while later the repair was done and again you would never know there was a dent there. Very impressed with Simon's work and his friendly nature, I would recommend Express Dent Removal to anyone that needs a dent removed - 10 out of 10! - Tony

Made up! Somebody dented my new Honda Accord on the front wheel arch on the drivers side in a car park and didn't own up. I saw the damage and was gutted thinking it would never be the same and would cost a fortune to repair. Luckily I found Simon's phone number on the Internet. He is really efficient. We organised a convenient time for him to repair the damage on my own driveway. You can't even tell there was a dent there now. Plus he was very reasonable!!! Going to keep his number safe. Fantastic service with a very friendly attitude can't give a better rating! Thanks!! - Lisa

Awesome job! I managed to dent mother-in-laws new car's rear wheel arch right on the body line. Simon provided a quote within 1hr of me texting him the photo, came out the next day at the agreed time to confirm the quote and then did the job within a couple of hours. The result was amazing despite Simon pre-warning us before the job started that he may only be able to get it back to 90/95% without damaging the paint....looking at it you would never know the dent had existed....and I am back in the mother-in-laws good books. Really good, professional service from a nice decent chap. Will 100% use again in the future. - Pete

Absolutely brilliant !! I had a dent caused by Youths booting a very heavy "Casey"football against the tailgate of my 12 month old Black Citroen C3 (new shape). The dent was enormous, at least 18 inches in diameter. I thought it would need a while in a bodyshop to fix it until i came across Simon's website, this guy is an absolute Genius with dents. Not only did he repair it, but i can't even tell there was a dent on there! would recommend him without hesitation, easily a 11 out of 10. The best £100 i've spent in a long time. And a really nice guy to boot. - Brian

Excellent professional and friendly service at a very competitive price. Had dent on passenger door and on rear bumper. Quoted around £500 by bodywork garage but £80 and a couple of hours later you can barely tell! Simon arrived at agreed times and set expectations of what the repair would look like (IE: really we need a new bumper etc). Really happy and will be a number I keep, should I require dent repair in the future. Thanks - Sarah

Would highly recommend. I had a quote for over £400 from my local body shop to repair 5 dents on my mini. Express Dent Repair had my car looking like new for only £150 within a couple of hours at my home. Cheap, quality and proffesional service. - Sam

Fabulous Job!! Skilled and Friendly, Highly recommended. Quote from insurance company 4days with hire car and £606. Express dent repair - quote over text within hours, prompt service at your residence. Dent fixed £100 perfect condition. Organised time via text, easy and efficient. - Laura

Very impressed with this very fast and incredibly efficient service. Had quite a big dent, found the site, sent a picture by text, got a call straight back with a price, arranged a time, and was amazed at the result. A really professional, friendly service. Highly recommended. - Rob

Very efficient and rapid service to get two dents on the rear doors of my daughters Toyota Yaris looking like new. One door in particular had a dent complete with paint scuff but 90 minutes later looked as good as new! Very skillfully done by a very professional, friendly technician! I have had smart repairs in the past but this company is for me without doubt the best I have used

That's What I Call a Professional Service ! I had a difficult to reach dent in my BMW and called Express Dent Removal. They were extremely courteous and accommodating over the phone and arranged to meet me the next day. They turned up on time as agreed, assessed the damage and gave me a fair price for the removal of the dent. The quality of work was second to none and the bodywork is now near perfect, with no sign whatsoever of any dents or damage. I could not have been any happier with the service and end result. Hopefully I will not require any dent removal in the near future, however should I do, I would definately contact Express Dent Removal to undertake the work! - Dean

Brilliant service, great value I found this company online thinking the dent repair would cost me a lot to repair. Was pleased to receive a very reasonable quote for the repair which was carried out in less than an hour and there is practically no sign of a dent ever having beeen there! A very professional company with highly competitve pricing, I would definitely recommend to anyone with a dent to repair! - Patricia

Fantastic professional work My car was dented on the boot and I didn't expect it be easy to repair as the Citroen badge was also involved. I phoned at 10am and the dent was repaired before 12 noon to such a high standard that it's impossible to tell that there had ever been a dent.Top quality workmanship at a time and place to suit me from a top quality company at a great price. Thanks !!

Citroen C3 My citroen C3 was damaged in my absence on two occasions, dented to a degree that I thought would not possibly be recoverable. Then I found Simon online. His work is second to none, the dents are invisible now and I am SO pleased with it. Fantastic value for the two dents. It's like they were never there! Strongly recommend you use Simon - convenient, high quality and true value for money! - Charlotte

Very professional job and workmanship! I had been living with a nasty dent on my car for a few months, thinking it would cost me a lot to get fixed through a body repair shop. By sheer luck, I bumped into this company and got an on the spot quote. The work carried out was absolutely perfect! There is practically no sign whatsoever that there was a dent there in the first place! The work was carried out in my drive, and only took about an hour! And to top it off, all of this was done for a fraction of the cost that it would have been to have done via body repair shop or insurance! I would highly recommend Express Dent Removal to those who are unfortunate to get a dent! 10/10!

Excellent workmanship with an accurate and fair quote. The front wing of my car had been vandalized leaving a very large dent. After forwarding a photo on my phone to the company I received a quote within the hour and a technician arrived the same day to my home. The workmanship was superb, it is impossible to tell the car was damaged and I felt the quoted price for the job was very fair and avoided the need for a respray. I would use the company again (though I hope I don't have to).

Brilliant Service!, Amazing Value For Money!, Really Genuine And Very Professional Work, Plus 70% Cheaper Than 2 Other Previous Quotes ,Would Recommend To Ring Express Dent Removal For A Price Before You Even Think Of Going To A Garage Or Bodyshop For Dent Repair !!!! BIG Thumbs Up To Simon :) A+

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My citroen dispatch was about to go into the paint shop for a quite expensive repair and paint job when someone i got talking to suggested i gave Express dent removal a call. I did just that and agreed a price with simon, a fraction of the paint shop quote, The end result was very impressive and will defineately recommend. Cheers

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